Improving Your Boating Experience

Float Lifts, LLC is an authorized Guardian Lift dealer, covering the coastal areas of North and South Carolina.  We are very proud to offer the Guardian Floating Boat Lift.

We, at Float Lifts, are dedicated to offering the best quality products possible, and with the Guardian Boat Lift, we feel we have nailed it.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our service and products.  Our number one goal is to provide boaters from all walks of life with the best quality products at affordable prices to improve their boating experience. If you are not happy with our products and service, we will make it right, every time.

Correctly caring for your boating investment takes time and energy…why not let Float Lifts assist you along the way?

Our Company

Jamie and Jill Ezzell are the owners of Float Lifts, LLC, formerly known as Float Lifts of the Carolinas.  They have been selling and installing hydro pneumatic floating boat lifts in North and South Carolina since 2015.  During this time, they worked closely with product managers and engineers at Hydrohoist on product improvement and development related to the lift.  Through this collaboration, they had the privilege to meet and work with the engineer that is now the designer, owner, and manufacturer of the newest in the saltwater line of floating, hydro pneumatic lifts, The Viking Series by Guardian Boat Lifts. 

In 2020, they were presented with an amazing opportunity to become distributors for Guardian Boat Lifts.  After spending a significant amount of time using and testing the lift, they were certain that was the direction they were meant to take with the company.  In October 2020, they started Float Lifts, LLC as a dealer and distributor for Guardian Boat lifts and could not be more pleased with this lift and the response received for this product.  Although they are no longer dealers for HydroHoist, they plan to continue to have a working relationship with the company so they may continue to provide support for all their customers and their lifts.  

More About the Owners

Jamie and Jill moved to the Wilmington area in October 1995. Jamie is a Licensed General Contractor and has been in the crane and industrial construction industry since the mid 80’s. He is currently the General Manager for a Crane and Industrial Construction Company.  His experience in this industry, living on the coast, and his lifelong love of fishing and boating has given him the knowledge and insight needed to guide customers toward the best application for their boat. 

Jill has been in the medical field and worked as a nurse since graduating high school.  When Float Lifts originally started, the expectation was they could easily manage all things related to the business on weekends and evenings after work.  However, within two years, the business had grown to the point that Jill needed to leave the medical field to devote her time to managing Float Lifts.  As the President of Float Lifts, LLC, she is now the primary contact for all customers and is involved in every aspect of the business from running the office, providing quotes for lifts, as well as assisting with building and delivery of lifts when needed.

A Word From The Owners

We are very grateful for the many referrals and wonderful opportunities afforded to us by so many in the boating industry.  Most of all, we are incredibly thankful to all of our customers who took a chance with us and our product and allowed us to be successful in this adventure.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Locally Owned

Locally owned and operated in Wilmington NC  by Jamie and Jill Ezzell  since 2015


Easy Install

The lift is delivered to the nearest boat ramp and is then towed to your slip 


Environmentally Friendly

No toxic, anti-fouling paint is necessary with a boat lift


Easy Installation

Amazing Product


With the push of a button, you can launch or dry-dock your boat in as little as three minutes.


Your boat is securely dry-docked, its hull and out-drive are safely protected from wind, wake damage,


Leave your boat for an hour or a year with confidence that it will remain securely dry-docked.